Olive oil, diet and well-being

Just to let you know a little bit more about olive oil and well-being

We have an unique land that gives us excellent natural products.
Thanks to our traditions and to the new innovative equipment, we can convert olives into olive oil and use olives and olive oil to create many products.
Our products and our olive oil uphold the uniqueness of our Mediterranean Diet and represent the basis for our well-being and our diet, which is appreciated and followed all over the world.

The unique quality of the Taggiasca Olive

The Taggiasco Olive Tree has ancient origins that start in pre-Roman times. It is cultivated on the Ligurian coast but the major concentration is on the west side, in the province of Imperia, where...

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An healthy diet: the good eating habits

For healthy and balanced nourishment, need to eat well, both for quality and quantity. We have to guarantee our bodies an adequate contribution of energy and nutrient requirements in order to prevent...

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The olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet

The olive oil is the main component of the Mediterranean Diet and is very important for our nourishment. The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy and genuine element that over the centuries has become...

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Our typical recipes

The best way to taste our products

The recipes we suggest to you are typical dishes from our area that have been handed down from our grandparents to us. These old family recipes, coming from our past, have been transported even into our modern day cuisine, which is based on the traditions and privileges that our products offer.

Our products originate from land and sea that we inhabit. During the production chain we carefully supervise the process. These products are full of history and tradition, which can make our typical dishes unforgettable and which we are pleased to present to you.