The History Of Our Family

Since 1919 we have brought olive oil to your table

The history of our company started in 1919 when our Great Grandfather Nino decided to leave Imperia by train in search of his comrades in several cities in North West Italy. Here in Liguria, at that time, we had a lot of good Olive Oil but were lacking in other goods. Our Grandfather proposed to his friends to buy our Olive Oil or he bartered it for other products.

His spirit for enterprise reaped its rewards, and by word of mouth and thanks to the quality of the Olive Oil, he became well-known and time after time the number of customers began to grow. He bought his first car and every week he used it to deliver the Oil himself directly to the families.

It was our Grandfather who enlarged the clientele, and during our first years in the company he tough us the job and the importance of the personal relationship with our customers.

Since 1919 many things have changed but not our passion for the Oil and products we offer to the families that we have been delivering with love and devotion from generation to generation.

Our company now

Our company today covers all the different steps of production and packaging. Our farm certifies the olive-groves from which we collect every season our Taggiasca variety of Olives. Every day, during the production season, the Taggiasca Olives are cold pressed in our "Antico Frantoio di Piani" olive oil mill, situated at the foot of Prino Valley. Thanks to this process we have the pleasure of offering you our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and all the other olive Oils, and products from our range.

Our land

Our olive-groves are settled in the countryside of Imperia (Liguria) where we raise only Taggiasca variety of olives, a kind of olive successfully planted by the Benedictine Monks during the Middle Ages.

Our land is characterized by typical and narrow terraces built by dry stone walls that we call "maxéi". The climate and the Taggiasca Olives are what make our countryside unique.

Our land, more or less 10 hectares, and more than 2500 trees, is located in the Prino Valley and Impero Valley that are distinguished by the presence of small valleys that are well protected from the wind. In this countryside the Taggiasca Olive Trees have found the perfect microclimate conditions to grow.   

The Extra Virgin Oilve Oil "Cultivar Taggiasca" that we offer you comes from these valleys and from this olive-groves that grow from 100 mt to 600 mt above sea level. Our Extra Virgin Oilve Oil "Cultivar Taggiasca" is rendered by the cold press of Taggiasca Olives and it's characterized by the low acidity, the smooth taste, the delicate aroma, and the unique quality.

Over time we have dedicated an area of our olive-grove located with the purpose of offering you a uniquely tasting olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cru “U Rivassu”, our special selection, is obtained by centuries old olive-grove of Taggiasca trees, placed at 350 mt above sea level. This olive-grove is located in the countryside of Imperia, and is what give our Cru “U Rivassu” its name.

Our olive oil mill

Our olive oil mill has a modern "Pieralisi" olive-press with a centrifugal continuous extraction system. This system uses a cold pressing with technique controlled temperatures that never exceed 26° degree. Thanks to this process we are able to look after all details, and obtain the highest quality of our olive oil.
Right after the olives are collected in our olive-groves they are brought to our oil mill where there is the first step of the process: the weighing. Indeed the olives are weighed and stored in appropriate plastic boxes.
The olives are de-leafed and washed in a specific machine before going through the real pressing. At this point the olives are crushed by a continuous system that uses steel hammers and we obtain a uniform paste that is immediately deposited into a malaxing tank.
The malaxing is the most important step of the pressing because it has to mix the olive paste in order to divide olive oil, from water and the olive pomace.
The next step is the decantation: in this process the decanter divides the different components of the olive paste that we have mixed before. Thanks to the use of the cold pressing we can isolate the olive pomace (solid residues) from water and olive oil.

Once they are divided, we come to the last step, where an automatic cleaning centrifuge machine ultimately divides water and olive oil. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cultivar Taggiasca" was born thanks to this process. It is a olive oil of high quality, which after a month, more or less, of decantation in our temperature controlled tanks , is ready to be consumed, and is a product we are we are very proud to offer you.


Every step is under our strict control: bottling, corking and labeling.
We bottle according to the orders we receive in order to not damage the olive oil from light and the temperature.

At that point the olive oil is ready and we have nothing else to do than deliver it directly to Your Home!

Our products

We only have high quality and totally home-made Olive Oil and olive-oil products that began in the past and have been passed down over the years.

The quality and perfection of our products have grown with us and over time and have been improved thanks to the renovation of our company and to the meticulous sanitation system.

Tradition and history are important in the production of our products which come from our ground and our part of the Mediterranean sea, and characterize the unique culture of our cuisine and diet.

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